About the app

  • What is [ASK]?
    In the [ASK] app you choose one question. You then set one of the answers as "right": This is the answer that will be given by people you want to start talking to. Answering other users' questions is a simple and fun way to meet interesting people! 😉
  • Is it an app for finding friends or serious relationships?
    It's all up to you! One question helps you start talking to people you like, and you can decide whether you'll just be friends or take it to the next level. 🥰
  • Who can use the app?
    The [ASK] mobile app is designed for girls and guys aged 18 and over. If you're under 18, you won't be able to use the app and your account will be blocked.
  • How much does the [ASK] app cost?
    You can use the [ASK] mobile app absolutely free. You can also buy coins to get more dating opportunities.


  • Can I ask my own questions?
    Not yet, but we have prepared dozens of fun and serious questions for you: We hope that one or other of them will be just what you're after.
  • How many questions can I ask?
    So far you can only ask one question, but it has to be the most important. Think: What would you usually ask new friends, to keep socializing with them?


  • How do I start messaging other users?
    You can message another user if:
    - you gave the right answer to their question, and
    - they gave the right answer to your question.
    Once the chat is activated you need to message each other: If you don't, the "fire" in the chat will go out and it will be deleted. You can only extend a chat when it's your turn, and only for 12 hours.
  • How many questions can I answer for free?
    You can answer 10 questions every day for free. When you've used up your free tries you can use coins to buy more.
  • How can I complain about an indecent question?
    To complain about an indecent question, click the Complain button in the top right corner of the photo and explain the reason for your complaint. We will look into it as quickly as we can, to make sure our app stays a safe and pleasant place for everybody.
  • How do I change the search settings?
    You can choose the gender and approximate age of people you'd like to get to know in settings.


  • Why don't I have any new matches?
    This means that you have answered the other users' questions wrong or they have kicked the wrong answer to your question. You can increase your chances of finding new chats by answering more questions or choosing a new question yourself.
  • How long does the chat last?
    When the chat opens, you have 12 hours to message each other. Want to keep going? It's quite simple: The person to whom the latest message was sent needs to reply to it within 12 hours. It's like a game where only real friends make it into the final.
  • How do I extend a chat?
    To extend the chat, the user to whom the last message was sent needs to reply within 12 hours.
  • If a chat has burnt out, can I restore it?
    If the fire in the chat goes out and it disappears from the list, there is no way to bring it back.
  • How do I report a user?
    Click on the "Complain" button in the top chat menu and choose the reason for your complaint. The user will then be added to your personal blacklist: They will not be able to message you or answer your questions. Our support team reviews every complaint to make chatting in our app pleasant and safe.
  • How do I delete a chat?
    You can delete a chat at any time. This can be done in the chat list: Swipe left on the desired chat, click "Extinguish chat," and confirm that you want to delete it. You can also open the chat and select the "extinguish chat" item in the hidden dashboard menu.
  • Can I delete a chat message?
    No, you can't delete one or more messages. But you can delete an entire chat.


  • Can I change my name, gender or date of birth?
    You can change your name, gender, or date of birth in your Personal Data settings. This can only be done once.
  • How do I turn notifications on or off?
    Notifications can be managed in the app itself or in your smartphone settings. In the app: Open the notification control screen, go to Account -> Settings -> Notifications. In your smartphone system settings: Go to iOS settings -> Notifications -> [ASK].
  • Can I recover my account after I've deleted it?
    Unfortunately, once a user has confirmed that they want their account deleted, it is impossible to recover it. If you want to use the app again, you'll have to sign up from scratch.

Paid services

  • Topping up your wallet
    In the app you have a wallet full of coins. You can use coins to buy various services and gifts. To top up your wallet, go to your Account and click the "Buy coins" button.
  • Buying answers
    What is buying answers? One answer is one attempt to answer another user's question. Every day you have 10 free attempts. To increase your chances of getting to know each other, you can buy additional answers for coins. Attention! When you buy answers, you can't buy the right answer or try to answer the same question again.